Users of RobotEvo

To help understand what are the expected user cases we will classify potential users in categories. For each we will then try to describe needed skills, adventages of using RobotEvo, basic usage and tips.

Category A user: the real-robot operator

This is the basic user for which RobotEvo was writen and for which all the other Categories-Users work.

Expected skills: no special skills expected, In fact, for basic, standard usage they don’t need to know about RobotEvo existence. Just normal, basic usage of the original Evoware software.

Category B user: basic RobotEvo/python operator

Use RobotEvo to generate evoware scripts and load it into evoware, saving correct scripts where they will be accessed by Category A users.

Expected skills: run python scripts; locate and copy files to the location from were User A can load to the EVOware editor.

Category C user: protocol adaptor

Modify scrips, uses the autogenerated RobotEvo protocol GUI or existing scripts to modify the imput ranges, variants and some other options in programmed protocols, or making minor modifications to them;

Expected skills: good understanding of the affected protocol.

Category D user: protocol developer

Developer of protocols.

Expected skills:

  • python;
  • RobotEvo APIs;
  • deep understanding of the implemented (bio)chemical protocols.

Category E user: RobotEvo developer

Core developer of RobotEvo.

Expected skills:

  • python;
  • deeper understanding of RobotEvo implementation;
  • know the original API of the programmed robot;
  • understanding of the implemented protocols;
  • testing;
  • git-GitHub.